Friday, June 4, 2010

So here we go again. Another month has gone since my last post. Shoot. I have such good intentions. Again though, I blame the Chinese drywall. My poor laptop is living out it's last days on life-support and I just can't bring myself to consistently blog in my in-laws' kitchen. I don't know why. It's kind of like trying to write in a classroom. It's possible but so much easier to get my thoughts out curled up in my own space. When Jax arrives (anytime now!) my goal is to write 5 times a week. Even if the only thing I say is, "Jax pooped and Emma's funny." Good enough for me! I originally had the lofty goal of blogging everyday, but come on now, that's like saying you're going to have sex every single day in your first year of marriage. it just ain't gonna happen, and who needs all that pressure.

The last month has been a good one. My bro and sis-in-law came down to Disney with their kids so we spent a couple days using our passes with them. Em loves "Mickey Mouse's House" and now whenever we call her goofy her response is, "Noooo, I'm Minnie Mouse!" Ahahaha. She's such a fun little girl and will make a great big sister. She says the funniest things, all of which I can't think of at the moment, of course. Good thing I'll be blogging so much more often here pretty soon. :)

Matt's brother and his wife also came down for a visit and we all headed to the beach for a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. There's something about the ocean air (and king-sized bed) that always makes me sleep well. Emma slept really well too. Probably because she just plays nonstop ALL. DAY. LONG. I don't know how often I'll be able to go without Matt after Jax is born. She's not one that's just content to play by mommy's feet in the sand. She loves getting right in the water and running sprints up and down the beach. I swear she's going to be an Olympic athlete one day.

I can't believe Jax is going to be an outside-the-womb member of our family within the week. It's funny because I'm just starting to realize that I really don't mind being pregnant all that much. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I like it, but this pregnancy is a lot more enjoyable than my first. With Em I was a waddling hobbit that was uncomfortable ALL the time. With Jax, I mostly just waddle when it's over 95 degrees and am only uncomfortable in the middle of the night...and morning...and when I can actually feel new stretch marks forming across my belly, but that's definitely an improvement from all the time! I also just finished reading a book called A Thousand Sisters, which documents women living in Congo and all the atrocities that they have faced in villages where 90% of women have been raped and most have lost children or watched family members murdered. It's one of those perspective altering books that made me realize just how petty some of the things I worry about are, and the privilege it is to be able to extend blessings to others with all that I've been given.

Well, it's a Saturday afternoon and this preggo needs a nap.

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