Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cinco de Ear Infectiono

Last night Matt took Em out to swing while I ran upstairs to grab her a sweatshirt. She's the type of kid that never wants to stop playing, regardless of the elements. You can almost hear the voice inside her head, "m-m-m-muust....hhhhaaavvee....f-f-f-f-f-un," chattering as she continues to play through shivering, purple lips. Before I reached the door though, they were back inside. She was laying on her daddy's shoulder and said she was cold and wanted to go in. Ah, a sure sign that something was wrong. We both thought she felt a little warm, and put her to bed early (or shall we say actually on time for once). At about 3 she woke up crying that she wanted to cuddle.

Over and over...

I finally went in gave her the pat on the back that usually calms her, but she just kept crying and trying to climb up in my arms. I went back to bed hoping that it would stop, but then I heard coughing and groggily remembered that she didn't feel good. My first thought was another ear infection, which meant that she wasn't going to get back to sleep laying down, so I went in and held her. When she still wouldn't go back to sleep I brought her to our cozy, full-sized, pregnant- bellied-plus-a-husband-and-body-pillow-bed. A genuine sleeper's paradise.

Um, no.

I think it was at about 5:30 that my tears started flowing. The night before I had to get up four times to pee, not including the time I went before going to bed and when I woke up for the morning. There wasn't much time for good sleep. And now another night of little sleep. As I laid wide awake I couldn't help but think that in a month in a half I'd be up half the night with a newborn, and well, it just made my hormones take over. Then Matt (who was also awake and going to work in a couple short hours) started rubbing my arm. Soon I felt another little hand doing the same. Poor little sick Em sat up to rub her crying mommy's arm. The tears that flowed after that were for an entirely different reason.

My doctor wasn't in this morning, so I had to bring her to someone else who suggested that I talk with my doctor about seeing a specialist. Saw that one coming. I would rather not get tubes in her ears but this is getting a little insane. It's just strange because she never had a single ear infection until December, and now she's had five. Boo. Oh, and when I gave her the latest round of medicine she kept saying she didn't wike it. It was yucky. So, I tried to give it to her quickly. Big mistake. Everything she'd eaten all day long came up in nice brown chunks all over both of us. Mmmm...nothin' says lovin' like hugging your kid and telling them it's okay that you're both bathing in vomit. The phrase "the things we do for love" takes on an entirely new element after becoming a parent.


Ryan said...

You are a good Mommy.

RyanLaurenAbby said...

That was from me : ) But Ryan thinks you are a good mommy too : )