Friday, June 18, 2010

As of Late

While Matt was changing Em's diaper today she said to him, "Oh man, I had to pee so bad!" Ahhhahaha. I'm guessing she picked that one up from her water guzzling momma.

In other news...

Jackson was born a week ago today, which means...we've survived our first week! Success! And we're even relatively sane still! Since being on Zantac his sleeping has improved so much. He's a pretty content little guy, and mostly reserves his screaming for his daily blowouts. Seriously, these newborn diapers just aren't keeping it in on his scrawny lil bod.

We went to the design studio today to pick out new carpeting, laminate, and paint colors for our house. Yeeay! Since our house was an inventory house, we weren't able to pick out any of these things, so it's really nice being able to make a few changes. Oh- I got my white blinds too! I can't wait to see everything together. Hopefully we'll like it.

I'm pretty exhausted today, and really hoping that Matt and I will be able to just chill out a bit and watch a chick flick tonight. A couple nights ago, our movie night didn't turn out quite the way I was hoping. We watched The Book of Eli. Not really what I had in mind. I mean, I love weird, blood-bath movies as much as the next girl buuuut...come on now. I could handle it all of ten minutes before I realized I'd much rather read...or sleep...or do laundry. Heck, I'd even watch Man vs. Food. Tonight I pick the movie though. There's been way too much testosterone flowing through the t.v. between the World Cup and the NBA finals. I'm thinking maybe When in Rome or Dear John. Though today I saw a cute little chubby girl wearing a sequined shirt today that made me want to watch Little Miss Sunshine. :) We shall see.

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