Saturday, June 20, 2009

Emma wanted to post today...

Dear Daddy,

There's a few things that I wanted to tell you this Father's Day, but since I can't write yet, I'm dictating to mom.  She understands everything I say.  Thank you for being such a great dad this year.  Really, I've seen much improvement since last year at this time.  You're not nearly as squirmy when mom asks you to change my poopy diaper.  You used to gag and yell about how awful it smelled, which was starting to give me a complex.  Thanks for chillin' out.  

I really love hanging out with you.  You're a lot of fun; I mean, for a twenty-six year old.  Some of my favorite things to do with you are taking hikes in the red backpack, being carted around the lake in my jogging stroller, and getting ice cream.  You're much better at sharing your ice cream with me than momma.  I also like how you've been taking me to the park lately.  I get kinda bored just going with ma; she never lets me ride the spinny basket that makes me walk funny when I get off of it.  Oh, and thanks for traveling with me so much this year.  Seeing the world through your eyes has meant a lot to me.  There's so much for you to teach me! Remember when we went out to California and mom was freaking out about having to drive through the desert with me?  What a nut.  Sorry I wasn't so lucky for you in Vegas.  Mom told me about the year before!  I loved watching you chase after crabs with my cousins in Maine.  I can't wait till I can do that with you!  I'm really glad you let me play with all the fishies you caught at the beach this summer.  They were so cute; I loved giving them kisses.  That frog you showed me the other day was kinda creepy though.  I'm not sure we're going to share the same love for all animals.  A girl has her limits you know.

Of all the awesome things we've done together, my favorite times are when we're just at home.  I love it when you come pick me up in the morning if you're awake, and I love when I surprise you in bed if mom's up first.  I love that you dance with me, and chase me, and carry me around on your back.  I love making you laugh with all my silly faces and tickling your toes.  Most of all, Daddy, I love how you love me and mom.  Thanks for always taking care of us and for showing us that you think we're really special.  I'm so glad God made me your little girl.  You're the best.  

Love you DaDa,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Operation #55 Zebra

Everyone faces trials in life. Granted, not everyone is given an equal dose of hardship to deal with.  I wonder if I had the opportunity to see the full picture of what my life would look like, how would I respond? Would it freak me out and keep me from becoming all that God created me to be? Would I try to avoid difficulty at all costs in hopes of avoiding pain?

Would it make me live and love more richly, more passionately?

Would I trust God, or would I run from him?

One of my friends from college, David Wenzel, has an interesting view on the direction his life has taken him. It's worth checking out. Last week he was just living life. Then in a strange series of events he hit his head while goofing around with a friend, found himself in the hospital the following day after suffering a seizure, and was told that he had a brain tumor that would not have been discovered for several more years if not for the Kung Fu incident. It is his belief that none of these events were simply by accident. I concur.