Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Childless in Chicago

I know I haven't updated in a looong time, and since Matt's in meetings and Emma's not with us, this should be the perfect time to update. Except I left my laptop plug at my parents' house and have no battery, so therefore this will be a quickie since I'm in the hotel lobby. I just figured some mommies would probably think this was pretty funny...

We left Emma for the first time with Matt's mom for a few days to go to Chicago. The trip was Matt's Christmas present to me, but I assumed that Emma would be coming with us. Then Matt told me that we were going to see Wicked, which of course, I was thrilled about since I've wanted to see it forever, but kind of queazy about since Emma is a little too young to appreciate musical theater. I guess that meant she wasn't joining us, much to Matt's excitement (a romantic getaway woohoo!) and my chagrin (3 DAYS away from my baby??). Matt finally convinced me that it would be fine to leave her behind, and we've been having a GREAT, much needed time together. I thought I was handling being away from her pretty well until last night at about 1:00 I woke up and started running around the room yelling, "Where's Emma!?! Where's Emma!?!" and frantically searching for her. Poor Matt was baffled (if you've ever experienced Matt waking in the middle of the night you know the look) and frantically looking at me saying, "Ah ahh, I don't know, I don't know." Finally, I remebered that she was home with Matt's mom, explained this to Matt who just looked at me and immediately fell back down asleep. Phew, crisis averted.

I mean, I'm not the only mommy that's ever done this...right!?