Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stickin' with it

Aaaahhhh- so I planned to write about Em and how she's doing in her big sister role, buuut I also don't want to be up until 2:00 again and Matt just asked me to watch a movie with him, which sounds really great soooo...I'll write tomorrow. But maybe a little right now. Ok, quick post to stick with the goal.

How about...the blessings of breastfeeding...

I've been having trouble with feeding Jax. He won't take from one side and it's driving me nuts. His weight dropped enough for me to have to bring him back in tomorrow, so I've ben working my tail off to make sure he's getting enough to eat. That means nursing on one side, attempting the other, pumping both sides and giving him a bottle. It's a bit time consuming. However, it's kind of like a trip to the gym. All that boob action burns the calories even faster than the Stairmaster. Last night for dinner I had spaghetti, two pieces of bread, and fruit for dinner. Then for dessert I had four chocolate covered strawberries, a huge piece of Brewster's ice cream pie, and finished off a pint of Ben & Jerry's (wow, maybe I should be embarrassed about this). Yet when I woke up in the morning and weighed myself I had still dropped three more pounds. Woo hoo!! You can't beat that!

How about an analogy?

Breastfeeding is to exercise as Chinese drywall is to ________.

Any guesses?

My full-time job.

Ahhhhahah- get it? I don't have to actually do anything to burn calories while breastfeeding like I don't have to really do anything but still make money everyday from the Chinese drywall stipend.

I'm so clever. Newborn brain schmooborn brain.

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Alaina said...

LOL!!!! You are hilarious! I also looove breastfeeding for that reason! I weigh 15 pounds less than BEFORE I got pregnant! WOohoo!! And I pretty much eat what I want and don't exercise (aside from chasing a 16 month old)!