Friday, September 26, 2008

Running Silly

Just last week I rediscovered the joy of running with an ipod.  I don't know why I've been running without it.  Listening to good music far outweighs the sound of my heavy breathing (that's what she said).  Anyways, we all have those certain running songs that get us motivated to keep pressing on.  One of mine has always been "Vindicated" by Dashboard.  I don't know what it is- I just love running to it.  So, yesterday Emma and I were on a jog and "Vindicated" came on the ipod.  

I am selfish
I am wrong
I am right
I swear I'm right
Swear I knew it all aloooong
And I am FLAAAWED, but I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself..."

I looked down at Emma who was looking up at me smiling (mocking me, I'm sure).  Turns out I wasn't just singing in my head...  

This brings me back to my wonderful days of teaching acting.  In every class I seemed to have at least one kid for whom I had to show off my own acting talents by keeping a straight face every time he/she performed.  Oh my goodness- the stories- but I digress.  One day I was up in the front of the room and I heard this weird hum.  I stopped teaching and looked around (along with the rest of the class) and my eyes stopped on C.  Not only is this strange sound coming from him but he is also bopping his head like a chicken eating its feed.  How I loved this psycho.  He did not notice any of the rest of us staring at him.  So, I waited...and listened.  Finally, (and I'm not talking 30 seconds, it took a while) he realized he'd been caught, and we all got a good chuckle.

Back to running...

Of course I'm embarrassed and looked around to make sure no one else was privy to my little show. The coast was clear.  

Emma, however, is thoroughly entertained and even joining in herself.  She'd make a great screamer for any band.  So, I decided if it was going to make Emma happy, the show must go on...yup, I was that girl.  Running through the streets, singing loudly (and off key, I'm sure).  The things I'll do to make Emma smile.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've discovered one thing that all true blogger mommies have in common- they all carry a camera at all times (I mean ALL times- sheesh). I'm up for the challenge. I can do that. Ready, aim, click.

Ok- one problem.

Emma and I rarely leave the house. Seriously. We only have one car right now, and Matt has a job outside of the house, sooo...yeah. We hang out here most days. Thankfully, this has actually worked to our advantage because it has forced me to buckle down and pack. However, it also mean that I don't have super cute pics of Emma out on the town. I could post pictures of all our travels this summer, but I think that would be poor blog etiquette. One must live in the present in the blogosphere. So, here's a few pictures of Emma just hangin' at home...

She's wondering why I brought a camera in to get her up from her nap.

I'll choose to ignore the eye booger in the corner of her eye if you can.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Since we're moving in a couple weeks, it seems like an appropriate time to start a blog.  Two weeks from now we pack up all our things (all of which I haven't sold on craigslist at least) and head down to Florida.  

It's a bittersweet move.  

It will be nice being near Matt's family and being in the sunshine, but it's not home.  Maybe one day it will be, but right now it's Matt's home and I am known as Matt's wife.  Lakeland is someplace I visit, not someplace I know.  Ohio has always been neutral ground, which is precisely why we've been here for the last three years (I kept telling Matt that California's the best neutral ground, but I was never able to convince him, dangit).  But, even with great friends, jobs, and church, I never saw it as home.  

Syracuse wasn't the perfect place to grow up.  It's freezing cold in the winter and finding something exciting to do on a Friday night is as difficult as here in Dayton.  However, my family and friends make up for the many shortcomings of the area.  Home is a place where I am completely loved, accepted, and enjoyed.  It's not that I fear that I won't be these things in Florida, but it's the COMPLETELY part that I think can only be found at home.  There is nothing to prove or anyone to impress, and no feeling stupid for saying something dumb (and I say a LOT of dumb things!).  I am completely me at home.  Silly, serious, quiet, loud, caring, careless, consistent, roller-coaster, strong, vulnerable, cheerful, moody me. No matter which me I am on any given day, I never have to question if I'm loved.  It's a pretty great thing; I know that is not what home is for everyone.  I only hope that when my daughter looks back at where she was raised, she'll see home in the same way I do.