Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

I haven't posted any pics of Em in a while so here they are!
She loved swinging at the park today with her new friends!

Ok- so I just think Daddy looks hot here.

Why do men feel the need to do this with their babies?

"Seriously Dad? You're posing me with all these pumpkins? So lame."

Emme and Mommy- I love pumpkin patches in sleeveless dresses. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Beautiful Burden continued...

I wasn't planning on writing more on this, but this video was just brought to my attention...

This is why I just can't justify abortion as a woman's choice.  Be warned, the video is quite disturbing, in the same way visiting the Holocaust museum is.  As I watched it that word, holocaust, kept going through my mind.

I was obviously intentional in my word choice for my previous post title.  Pregnancy is not always a wonderful surprise.  For some it is a burden, but the creation of life is never less than beautiful.  

I hate that this is a political, polarizing issue.  I wish it wasn't an issue that is mostly decided by party lines.  I think it's just an issue of being human.  Unfortunately, I know it's not that simple because I have plenty of intelligent, caring friends that disagree.  It still doesn't make sense to me though, especially in my generation.  My generation is passionate about fighting injustice, working to right wrongs, giving the unheard a voice.  We think outside the box; abortion just seems like such an in-the-box answer.     

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Beautiful Burden of Womanhood

I feel like the abortion conversation has surfaced again, so I've just been thinking...

I think mothers are the strongest creatures on earth (Of course, I say this six months after becoming one myself). While making a baby takes two people, the responsibility of protecting and nourishing that baby falls on the woman. We do a job that no man, literally, could ever do. While women have so many options that those that came before us did not have, nothing comes easy for a woman. It is still a man’s world and breaking through the glass ceiling is still an unlikely task. The fact that our bodies are able to reproduce is one of the obstacles of making it in a man’s world.

This is the beautiful burden of womanhood.

Some face this fact by choice, others by surprise, while others by force. There is a certain power and freedom that men have from never having to face this. As women we have worked so hard for equality and rightly so; equal wages, opportunity, etc. However, the greatest thing that separates us from men is our ability to reproduce. This is also the most beautiful, amazing thing about being a woman.

We give life.

I have trouble understanding the pro-choice perspective because it just seems so ugly. The artistic beauty of a child being knit together inside a woman’s body is so incredible and destroying this seems like the ultimate lack of creativity. I can understand choosing not to raise a child, but I don’t understand choosing not to protect and provide a place for it to grow for nine months. I heard Emma’s heart beat for the first time at SIX weeks. At six months old, she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Yes, we have rights. We've worked very, very hard for our rights. But, as women, isn't it the ultimate show of strength to set these rights aside? Doesn't humanity always shine the brightest when we choose to sacrifice? I think most people would agree that it’s best to choose love over hate, optimism over cynicism, giving over taking, creativity over status quo. At times we are asked to set our rights aside for the sake of another, to sacrifice our bodies (and I have the stretch marks to prove it!) which a man would never have to do, but it is the ultimate display of strength and dignity. As women, why would we ever choose less?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Adventure Begins

Yesterday morning Matt and I said goodbye to Ohio and made our way down to Florida. We finally arrived late this evening. I keep asking Matt if we really just moved to Florida and he keeps assuring me that it's just an extended vacation. I think I believe him because it sure doesn't feel like home yet. Of course, I suppose it probably wouldn't after only 2 hours.

(Our last pics at our ghetto first home. We'll really miss the domestic disputes, blaring bass, and the endless car alarms going off.)

We traveled through the Smoky Mts., which lived up to their name. The drive almost reminded me of the PCH or driving through the redwood groves, minus the huge trees or breathtaking ocean views of course.

While we were driving I was trying to think of ways for us to become professional travelers. While I'm really excited to buy a house, if I had the choice, I'd take a big van to live in and just travel around. Matt doesn't think that would work with his current employment. So, I brainstomed as he read his magazine and gave me an occasional "uh-huh" to humor me. Here's my top 5.

5) We become a reality t.v. show where we travel around the country in our car, with Emma of course. We'd call it "Road-Rearing." You know, raising our child on the road. Very Jack Kerouac.

4) I write for some mommy magazine that gives me money to try out different places and rate whether they are child-friendly or not.

3) Matt becomes an auditor of national parks. Emma and I explore while he's checking out the books.

2) Green Photo. It's a pretty in-depth business plan that includes the best nature photographers from around the world and the marketing geniuses of Matthew and Kelly Green.

1) Truck driver- it may not be a sexy job, but I'm pretty sure I could be a sexy truck driver.

We stopped in Athens to stay with Jay and Rachel. Emma was really excited to hang out with her buddy Sam too.

The rest of the trip was just a very long blur. When the end seemed finally in site, an accident closed 75. I tried to make friends with all my potential neighbors, as we all hung out on the highway.

We planned to catch up with my dad on the highway, but unfortunately didn't catch up with him until the driveway.
The next picture should be of our new home, but wait, we don't have one yet. Shoot. I told Matt if we don't find one soon, I'll have to follow through with my professional traveler plan, and he'll have to start calling me Large Marge.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Turning Another Page

This week has been filled with nightly meals with friends saying our goodbyes. It just started to hit me for the first time in the last few days that we're actually leaving, won't be back, and that I might actually be sad about this. Sometime during the days (years) that I spent telling myself how much I hate living OH, it's grown on me. I have 9 years worth of memories from this place. I had great times in college, and then living with a bunch of great girls, and finally starting my life with Matt and giving birth to our first child.

I know the whole area so well. We were driving the backroads into Cedarville this weekend, and I realized just how familiar it was. I'll miss the 40 minute drive through those country roads to go watch Tim play soccer or sit through a freaking endless day of grad class. I love (and hate) that everytime I go out shopping or to a restaurant I see an old student. I'll miss walking around Cox with Matt and going out for ice cream all the time (ok, we'll still do that in Florida). I'll miss our friends here and the fact that most of our best friends are within a day car ride if ever we need to see them.

I'm just growing sentimental in our last days here. It's strange to close this chapter of our lives because I don't really have any idea what this next one will be like. Regardless, tomorrow we pick up the moving truck and pack up the last 3 years of our lives together and drive them 17 hours down the road...in the opposite direction of NY...unless I hijack the truck...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fast Times at Cross Village Dr.

This week has been insane tying up all the loose ends and getting everything ready to go. My parents came into town last weekend to help us pack up. I had left some stuff unpacked (especially in the kitchen) on the off-beat chance that I might need them in the next week. I needed my mom there to tell me that really, I could pack up all my spices that I haven't used in 3 years. In fact, I could just pack up everything and go out to eat instead of doing dishes and cooking. I like the way she thinks.

Since all our cooking utensils were packed up we had to go to the Garlic Festival at Cox.

We also finally made it to the Air Force Museum, which I've never been to in all my years in Dayton. I figured it was time. Emma was thrilled.

We also had Emma give rice cereal another try. She still isn't really a fan.

Matt's last day of work was Tuesday, so it's been really nice having him home these last few days. I've really appreciated how much he's helped out with Emma. She hasn't been the best sleeper this week, and he's gotten up with her in the wee hours of the morning to give me a break. It's fun to watch them together. Emma loves her daddy; she lights up whenever he comes into the room and will just stare at him with this smile on her face until he picks her up. He can always make her laugh too. It's pretty sweet.

It was Homecoming weekend at Cedarville this weekend too, which always means a lot of friends and family in town. This year was my 5 year reunion. What the heck?? When did I get so old? Have I really been out of college for that long?