Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life in the Little

One of the greatest things I've learned as of late is just how much life is in the little. If you look at an organization like Love146, it's easy to see the cool artwork, the inspirational tweets, spiky haired/tattoo clad Rob Morris, and think that the work is being done by a bunch of cool hipsters. Let's be honest, being involved in social justice sounds semi-sexy. It's cool. It's Bono. It's cool glasses and sweet hair. But that's so far from the truth. 

How much I love the truth. 

Love146 is not cool. The people that I traveled with from Love146 weren't cool (in the most wonderful way!). They were the me and you. Of course, there's a place for those that sit at the cool kids table, but they're not the face of God's kingdom. The face of God's kingdom is the woman who is half blind but runs a program that brings kids off the streets and shares the love of Jesus with them and their families. It very well could be the hipsters running things, but the hispters aren't hipsters when they're doing the work. They give up the cool for something better than cool. 
They're the little. 
The average.
Because that's what someone becomes in order to be who God has for them to be.
so love that. It makes my heart swell to think about who God uses verses who we think should be used.  I love that Jesus didn't go out and look for the best, brightest and most influential to build his kingdom. I love that he chooses people that stutter and that run from him and throw fits when he doesn't do things like we think he should.

It means there's hope for me in his kingdom. When I'm struggling and flailing and gasping for breath because I have no idea what he's doing, he's there. He's in it.
When I'm tempted to go numb because I don't know if I can overcome ridiculous fear to just put one foot in front of the other, I know he's there. He's in it. 

He's working. He's wooing. 
He's showing himself big in my smallness. 

I want a big God, not a small god that does what I want or that can be manipulated to fit my purposes. I want real, not fairytale. 
Life in the little is where it's at, where He's at, so I don't want to be anywhere else.

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