Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Help a Sista Out

Shakespeare was a genius. You know why Shakespeare was a genius? He was a master of this wonderful little literary device called comic relief. This girl needs a little comic relief in her life. You know you need a little funny when you start talking in third person.


How I want to dropkick hashtags in the face.

So this is one of those days, or maybe weeks, when all I want to do is have a good laugh. I'm not asking for a straight week of laughter. An interlude would be nice though.

So let's talk funny, shall we?

Yeah, I've got nothing.
So please, lend a weary girl some silliness.

Monkeys are sorta silly.


kathleen said...

lets laugh tomorrow morning :)

jocoles said...

You know what I think is funny/totally gross?

Every time I wear my skirt I just think of you and your wound and you airing that sucker out on the bus!

To some this may some 100% gross.. but I still smile at the thought...... and shudder a little bit.

Kelly said...

Kathleen- Yes please- how about a lot?

Jo- ahahaha- best thing ever was your face on the ride to Bangkok as you said you had to change seats b/c you couldn't look at it anymore. So great.