Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fast Times at Cross Village Dr.

This week has been insane tying up all the loose ends and getting everything ready to go. My parents came into town last weekend to help us pack up. I had left some stuff unpacked (especially in the kitchen) on the off-beat chance that I might need them in the next week. I needed my mom there to tell me that really, I could pack up all my spices that I haven't used in 3 years. In fact, I could just pack up everything and go out to eat instead of doing dishes and cooking. I like the way she thinks.

Since all our cooking utensils were packed up we had to go to the Garlic Festival at Cox.

We also finally made it to the Air Force Museum, which I've never been to in all my years in Dayton. I figured it was time. Emma was thrilled.

We also had Emma give rice cereal another try. She still isn't really a fan.

Matt's last day of work was Tuesday, so it's been really nice having him home these last few days. I've really appreciated how much he's helped out with Emma. She hasn't been the best sleeper this week, and he's gotten up with her in the wee hours of the morning to give me a break. It's fun to watch them together. Emma loves her daddy; she lights up whenever he comes into the room and will just stare at him with this smile on her face until he picks her up. He can always make her laugh too. It's pretty sweet.

It was Homecoming weekend at Cedarville this weekend too, which always means a lot of friends and family in town. This year was my 5 year reunion. What the heck?? When did I get so old? Have I really been out of college for that long?

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Anna said...

Aw, my reunion is in a couple of weeks at Messiah.. it is so amazing how the time has flown, and the stick-around friendships that have been sustained in that time!

Love that your parents came out to help you pack...what would we do without them...