Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Adventure Begins

Yesterday morning Matt and I said goodbye to Ohio and made our way down to Florida. We finally arrived late this evening. I keep asking Matt if we really just moved to Florida and he keeps assuring me that it's just an extended vacation. I think I believe him because it sure doesn't feel like home yet. Of course, I suppose it probably wouldn't after only 2 hours.

(Our last pics at our ghetto first home. We'll really miss the domestic disputes, blaring bass, and the endless car alarms going off.)

We traveled through the Smoky Mts., which lived up to their name. The drive almost reminded me of the PCH or driving through the redwood groves, minus the huge trees or breathtaking ocean views of course.

While we were driving I was trying to think of ways for us to become professional travelers. While I'm really excited to buy a house, if I had the choice, I'd take a big van to live in and just travel around. Matt doesn't think that would work with his current employment. So, I brainstomed as he read his magazine and gave me an occasional "uh-huh" to humor me. Here's my top 5.

5) We become a reality t.v. show where we travel around the country in our car, with Emma of course. We'd call it "Road-Rearing." You know, raising our child on the road. Very Jack Kerouac.

4) I write for some mommy magazine that gives me money to try out different places and rate whether they are child-friendly or not.

3) Matt becomes an auditor of national parks. Emma and I explore while he's checking out the books.

2) Green Photo. It's a pretty in-depth business plan that includes the best nature photographers from around the world and the marketing geniuses of Matthew and Kelly Green.

1) Truck driver- it may not be a sexy job, but I'm pretty sure I could be a sexy truck driver.

We stopped in Athens to stay with Jay and Rachel. Emma was really excited to hang out with her buddy Sam too.

The rest of the trip was just a very long blur. When the end seemed finally in site, an accident closed 75. I tried to make friends with all my potential neighbors, as we all hung out on the highway.

We planned to catch up with my dad on the highway, but unfortunately didn't catch up with him until the driveway.
The next picture should be of our new home, but wait, we don't have one yet. Shoot. I told Matt if we don't find one soon, I'll have to follow through with my professional traveler plan, and he'll have to start calling me Large Marge.


RyanLaurenAbby said...

Ok, so Emma is HUGE! For a second I thought she was the smaller baby but then I realized that definitely was not her... a boy... and then I was like OH CRAP she is HUGE! Is she sitting?

Nikki said...

You're in Florida!
when do I get to see
you guys and meet Emma?

EmilyJaneAllen said...

I thought that same thing as Lauren. At first, I thought there was no way the bigger baby was Emma, but then I realized that the smaller baby was a boy!
Emily Allen

Johanna said...

Driving from Ohio to FLorida with a small child is quite an accomplishment! You didn't complain about a crying child in your post so she must be a good traveler! Emma is such a cutie by the way. I love the pic of her in your kitchen.

The Svoboda Family said...

"Large Marge" crack me up. I agree with guys are quite brave for traveling so far with a little one! I love the traffic jam pics. Too funny!

Kelly said...

Lauren and Emily- She IS huge! I don't know when it happened but she suddenly has a tooth, can sit up, and is just starting to look like a big girl! It's crazy!
Nikk- we're here! Come see us SOON! What are you doing these days? We need to catch up!
Jo and Jess- we traveled with her A LOT this summer in preparation for the big trip :), so she's kind of a professional traveler herself.

Libby said...

Even though you guys made it there before I had the baby (I thought we had a deal), I'm glad the trip went ok! You guys are hardcore. Can't believe you're smiling in that pic stuck in traffic.

Kstro said...

Your sexy truck driver comment cracked me up :) You could so totally pull that off!
I also cannot believe you were smiling in that traffic jam picture with a baby in the backseat. I would have been freaking out! Jon keeps trying to get me to drive to Georgia to see his parents in our Honda Accord with all 3 kids...right...only if I'm heavily sedated.