Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Beautiful Burden continued...

I wasn't planning on writing more on this, but this video was just brought to my attention...

This is why I just can't justify abortion as a woman's choice.  Be warned, the video is quite disturbing, in the same way visiting the Holocaust museum is.  As I watched it that word, holocaust, kept going through my mind.

I was obviously intentional in my word choice for my previous post title.  Pregnancy is not always a wonderful surprise.  For some it is a burden, but the creation of life is never less than beautiful.  

I hate that this is a political, polarizing issue.  I wish it wasn't an issue that is mostly decided by party lines.  I think it's just an issue of being human.  Unfortunately, I know it's not that simple because I have plenty of intelligent, caring friends that disagree.  It still doesn't make sense to me though, especially in my generation.  My generation is passionate about fighting injustice, working to right wrongs, giving the unheard a voice.  We think outside the box; abortion just seems like such an in-the-box answer.     


PhilipJCaputo said...

You should really listen to some Rush Limbaugh. Today he talked for a good while on how the foundation of this country and everything outlined in the constitution is founded in the belief that life is precious. And how once the premise that we can discard life for the convenience of others it makes it easier for other things to creep into society.

Susan said...

I think the reason this isn't such an obvious "in the box" kind of thing is not that some people think it's okay to kill babies for convenience--I don't think anyone would argue that I should have the right to dispose of my two-year-old when she becomes inconvenient to me, because I think everyone would agree that she is a live person who is entitled to her personal rights.
The controversy isn't *really* over whether or not it's okay to kill babies--not for the most part, anyway. I think the controversy comes in defining life. Obviously, you believe that life begins at the moment of conception. But there are plenty of other (equally arbitrary) points that could be considered the beginning of life--implantation, viability, birth--and unless everyone could agree on which of those points was *truly* the beginning of life (and everyone could not), I don't think the issue of abortion will ever cease to carry the weight it does now. There's just too much at stake--on both sides.

What if I believe that life begins with ovulation, and that it's wrong to take birth control that prevents a woman from ovulating? Or what if I believe it's wrong to use a condom to keep sperm from fertilizing eggs--of course you know there are people who feel this way. No problem for me to think so, right...unless I try to make my personal belief the standard for the laws that govern *your* reproductive rights.

The beginning of life--like the end of life--is simply not a black-and-white issue. And so its treatment with regard to law and policy will likely always be a big point of contention.