Friday, February 10, 2012

The Art of Tapping Out

There's something I've been trying to write for a week now but just can't find the words. I've spent the last several days staying up late, writing during nap time, filling space with thoughts that I can't knit together.

It's wearing me out.
So, I'm letting it go.

So my kids don't wake to a tired, grumpy mom.
So I don't snap at my husband.
So I'm not so freaking emo from an overused, under rested brain.

I'll return to these ideas after they've had more time to incubate because I want to use words wisely.
To lift up, not tear down.
To encourage, not frustrate.
But I'm not there yet.

For now, I choose rest.
First though, back to the every day tasks that have been neglected.

For the love, I need a good belly laugh.

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