Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Thing I Know

As I pack up her clothes for the passing of another season,
In a flurry to clean up the mess of another day,
I pause for another moment
Thinking of all the hours she spent in those silly dresses,
How much she loved wearing them while I cringed
At her lack of style.
But next season they'll be too small
And will stay in the attic for another time,
For another little girl.
And I'll remember this very minute
Because one thing I know,
The minutes that seem to pass so slowly 
Will quickly turn into years
Making me miss the simplicity of my 3-year old's tutus.


Anna said...

I was just thinking so much about this, about the slow hours and fast years... every night before bed when we laugh about the things Eli is saying and doing, I realize how quickly it all flies by...

Issakainen said...

LOVE this. Feel the same way about Abby... can't wait to get them together in person...