Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kiddie Konvo

I decided I need to start recording some of my conversations with Em. She says such funny things on a daily basis, but then when I try to retell them to Matt, I forget. This isn't even that funny, but it's just so typical of what our day sounds like. I don't want to forget all these silly little things...

Em: Where's Santa?
Me: I don't know, Em.
Em: Is he at college?
Me: Maybe...
Em: Where's college?
Me: Well, there's colleges all over the place, but are you wondering about the college where Tim and Jenna are? That's in OH. They go to Cedarville.
Em: OH? I want to go to OH!!!
Me: In a few weeks...
Em: Where's Daddy?
...and through the list of where everyone that Emma knows is we go...

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