Thursday, July 15, 2010

Help! Our Daughter's Scared of Jesus!

So... we seem to have a problem. Tonight Em kept waking up crying. When Matt finally went in to see what was wrong she told him that Jesus was scaring her and that Jesus won't leave her alone. Then I went in again later when she was still crying and saying something else about Jesus that I couldn't understand. Evidently something she's heard about Jesus is freaking her out. Can't say I've ever known a kid to be scared of Jesus. I mean, what could we have possibly said that would make her scared?? And how do we fix it??

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Tate said...

I don't know what Emma's deal is but once when my sister and I were teaching 4 year olds at church. We were telling them about the angels "with 4 wings, 2 that covered their heads and 2 to cover their feet, and they flew around singing Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty" and we were swooping around the room shouting this (we thought it was cool and exiting) one kid jumped up and said "Hey that sounds scary, I am busting out of heaven!" ...oops!