Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis

After calling my girl a devil-child yesterday, I thought maybe it was necessary to post a little Emma cuteness because really, she's a sweet child, I swear. We've had great success with the transition from the crib to the toddler bed mattress on the floor. She generally stays in bed and yells, "Mooommmyyy," whenever she's ready to get up. She's at the point where she tries to distract us from bed time though. Right around when I tell her it's time to go night-night she gets very cuddly with her daddy, which probably buys her a good ten minutes. Then after our routine, as I'm kissing her goodnight, she takes my face in her little hands and strokes it saying, "Niiiice, niiiice." The girl knows how to lay it on thick. I tell her to close her eyes to which she squeezes them as tight as she can with this big goofy grin on her face. Ooooh Emma, she's a funny bird.

Around 3:00 this morning I heard her saying "uh-oh" over and over again. She wasn't crying, but she did it long enough for curiousity to get the best of me. I went into her room to find her sitting up on her bed with her eyes closed saying "uh-oh." Weeeiiiirrd. Matt and I have been known to do some strange things in our sleep, so I wonder if she will follow in our steps. One can only hope. Though it would be awful if she was one of those kids that walked out of her house in the middle of the night. Thank goodness for the alarm system. Oh geez, I'm already getting myself thinking of the worst possible scenarios. Deep breath. Phew, ok I'm over it. Anyway, I sat in front of her for a couple minutes without her even noticing, so I scooped her up and put her back down in a more comfortable position. I can't imagine her back would feel too good if she slept sitting up all night. Then the sweet angel slept through her daddy setting off the alarm at 5:00 by mistake (who btw just finished mowing the lawn without a shirt and is looking like one fine piece of hotness) and slept all the way to 8:15. Love that girl.

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Kristen said...

Hey! Thanks so much for rejoicing with us all over the work God has done in Candice's life. Every single time I think about her I am filled with unspeakable joy...for real...words can't even begin to describe the AMAZING work God has done in her life and the life of her family.
And Todd and Angie...they are every bit as fun and real and lovely in real life. Which just makes her testimony that much more poignant...bc she is no different than you or me or any of us. Just a mama and a wife honestly seeking to honor God with every part of her. And they LOVE God with their lives...and that is what made the difference for Candice. We serve such an AWESOME God!!!