Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grocery Store Celebrity

If I was a pop star, (which I am when running with an ipod) I would write a song called "Grocery Store Celebrity," about my little Emma. The girl is a classic diva who will do pretty much anything for attention while in a shopping cart. She throws her arms up in the air and shakes her head around (we call it Crazy Girl- she does it on command as well) until she catches someone's attention, and then she flashes them her brightest, crinkled nose smile. If they start talking to her, she either puts one arm up and says something that sounds like "What?" or suddenly plays the shy girl and turns away as if to say, "I'm not in the mood for fans right now." I, of course, as her publicist, always have to speak (or apologize) for her.

One of the main questions we're asked?

"What aisle can I find one of those?" Very witty, indeed. Seriously, at least once a shopping trip.

It can be embarrassing sometimes, (poor Matt hates going to the store with us!) but it doesn't bother me. I know it will only be cute for a time, and it's not like she's being naughty. I think she just really likes it when people smile at her, and that's really not such a bad thing, is it? I think she genuinely brightens people's days (spoken like a true mom). She'll have the rest of her life to be scowled at, why not let her enjoy it now? Plus, she's a girl and I've read Reviving Ophelia. I'm sure it won't be like this forever, so for now, look for us in the "Stars, They're Just Like Us!" section of Us Weekly. We'll be the ones caught buying bananas.

Edit: My husband read this and laughed at me, so I just need to point out the fact that I understand that posts like this are VERY dorky. I'm clarifying, for his sake, that I know that I am a nerd b/c there's nothing worse than someone that doesn't even realize their nerdiness. So thank you very much, my dear husband, for just stating the obvious. Boo-yaa.

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Mom said...

I'm glad you're blogging again. It helps me visualize your life now. I can "hear" Emma (because you often call when you are in the store and yes she is very loud:-). Now it's a little easier to visualize you and her walking down the aisles in the grocery store as Emma flirts and grabs shoppers attention. Emma reminds me of you when you were a baby except you'd "perform" in church. We didn't have a nursery to put you in so you were always with me and you would ALWAYS distract people sitting around us. And..... I never minded......that's bad isn't it.....I mean it was church! Every stage of childhood is special (except for those first 3 month... awful....just aweful). And even when your children grow up it's awesome when your child becomes your friend:-). So keep blogging Kel. It helps this long distance grandma get a "birds" eye view of your life. Now....what was that about a second child????????