Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And Then I Broke Up with My Scale

Today I ended an unhealthy relationship. One in which I've been dependent upon for years. I've pushed it aside before, but I always go back. Not anymore though. Out of my house, out of my life.

The thing is, you always speak truth to me, and every day for the last several years I've listened to you. I define my worth based on what you tell me. If what you say is good, then I feel like I have an ounce of control. If I don't like what you say, I feel defeated. Too many days I've spent thinking about you. But, it doesn't matter if what you say is true. Your cold, hard facts may be full of truth, but I'm being redefined by a greater truth. I'm choosing to believe Someone greater, no matter what you tell me.

So long, sucka.


Allison Walton said...

the day we left our scale in Ohio was the best day ever.

Kelly Green said...

It's kind of amazing how it's already effected my perspective. I wrote this 2 days ago- and have noticed how much more forgiving I am to myself when I look in the mirror. If I'm up a couple lbs. I'm not looking for where it went in disgust. It is what it is and I'm making and eating food that's actually good instead of junk and I'm not worrying about it. Of course, it's only been 2 days. :)