Friday, June 19, 2009

Operation #55 Zebra

Everyone faces trials in life. Granted, not everyone is given an equal dose of hardship to deal with.  I wonder if I had the opportunity to see the full picture of what my life would look like, how would I respond? Would it freak me out and keep me from becoming all that God created me to be? Would I try to avoid difficulty at all costs in hopes of avoiding pain?

Would it make me live and love more richly, more passionately?

Would I trust God, or would I run from him?

One of my friends from college, David Wenzel, has an interesting view on the direction his life has taken him. It's worth checking out. Last week he was just living life. Then in a strange series of events he hit his head while goofing around with a friend, found himself in the hospital the following day after suffering a seizure, and was told that he had a brain tumor that would not have been discovered for several more years if not for the Kung Fu incident. It is his belief that none of these events were simply by accident. I concur.


The Svoboda Family said...

Welcome back Kelly...again! Crazy story. God is amazing isn't He?!
Hey...did I see on facebook you were coming to town next week...or is your mom going to you?...something about six days from now?...
oh...and CONGRATULATIONS Auntie!

Kristen said...

I posted something very similiar. This whole thing has been such a shock, but we have grown so more ways than I can even begin to explain...certainly gaining a depth of relationship with God, but also learning to let the little things slide and embrace the day, etc. Anyway, thanks for the spreading the word. We love it when people pray ;-)